AA Inspections & Associates was conceptualized under the following mantra: To be the best that we can be, seek to improve my technical/professional knowledge as often as possible, and provide the highest degree of service to all of my clients.

Today the company presently consists of a single individual, he is dedicated to improve his technical expertise weekly and is constantly seeking new and innovative information in the building trades to meet or exceed the statement above.

He acknowledges that clients come from very diverse backgrounds:  A small group do not require financial assistance to build or purchase of their estate; some go to financial institutions with very strict requirements, while others use the savings and loans institutions for the purchase of their home.  The remaining group seeks assistance from federal programs such as HUD & FHA, VA and DA-RD in pursuit of the dream… ‘owning a home’. Regardless of where you are in, we are here to provide you with the best service available.