The following paragraph(s) will provide you, costumers, a summary of the ongoing changes taking place to the existing pages of my website. AA Inspections has decided to redesign and restructure the information on each of the sections, to make your experience not only easier to follow but more attractive and appealing.

To achieve this, new sections will be created, specifically tailored to each of the specific section headings; first will be in the Federal Programs, in particular, the 203k mortgages; for they are the preferred mortgage of the mid-income individuals, the young working couple, and the elderly; regardless of purchasing/repairs or simply repairs to their existing home.

”The 203k mortgage is the chosen alternative to paying rent.”

For this reason, the decision to start working with the most frequently requested type of inspection in the mortgage market today was made.

Also, as candidate you may write AA Inspections a review (a brief note) about the changes and information provided; this will help me determine the changes other sections of the website are needed. AA Inspections wants to become your chosen site. Regardless of what you decide to do, be new construction/additions or renovation/repairs to your new or present home. Please be a little patient with the ongoing modifications… for I know you will love the final product.

Luis A Santana

Sole Principal