General Manager

Luis Santana - General Manager of AA InspectionsBorn in the island of Puerto Rico; therefore, he is a fluent Spanish speaker. He started working at a very young age at his uncle construction which influenced him to continue this as an occupation/profession. In the field he performed several jobs, starting as a gopher he had his share of opening ditches, stacking concrete blocks for mason crew, mixing and carrying mud and lifting it and blocks unto the scaffolds. Always wanting something better for his life, his desire was to go to the university to get a degree in engineering, but fate had other plans: He was called to active where he was selected to serve as a Combat Engineer. Separated from active duty and later join the Reserve component; he went to college to study Construction Engineering Technology during the day and at night he opted for HVAC trade at the vocational school to complete the ensemble. After graduation, he attended the Basic Engineer Officer School and later the Advanced Engineer Officer School where he had the opportunity to further train with electricians, plumbers and carpenters. In later years he obtained the Master Licenses in all the skilled trades. This in turn inspired him to continue growing professionally and decided to become a city inspector. His desire to continue learning and become a better professional took him to pursue certifications from the International Code Council (ICC) in all the major categories, to include the revered Building Official classification. As time went on, he became certified on the Minimum Housing Standards and successfully passed the National and State Licenses to become Registered Texas Professional Licensed Inspector to pursue a long-time dream: Becoming the owner of his own company. Today, he operates his own consulting and home inspection business. Continuing with his desire to be a better professional, he passed the termite control examination and received his TPCL #730856.

Needless to say, taking care of business and his career keep Luis extremely busy, but he still finds time to give part of his time to noble causes: He works with disable veterans in a program that provide Specially Adapted Housing Grants and others; he also became a Residential Property Condition Evaluator to assist those who insurance companies label uninsurable due to their location and/or condition of their residence. Under the State Loss Control Program takes care of the water damage remediation (WDR) program where customers must: 1. Notify their insurance agent about the incident, 2. Get a license professional to make the needed repairs and if the damage is great, a restoration service may also be required, 3. Once the repairs and restoration (if any) work is done, AA Inspections will inspect the work for compliance and completeness, and if everything is done according to standards, will issue a report to the tenant to give to the insurance provider. Presently, Luis is asking federal agencies to add his name to their rolls so he can begin enforcing their construction standards on projects in and out the incorporated areas on the five counties he presently covers.

Regulatory Policy Division – Loss Control Program (103-9A)
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