Other Approvals and Selections

Inspectors brag about the services they can perform but to be chosen by other departments, agencies, and organizations. It takes a bit more than a couple of specialties, particularly speaking the Department of Licensing and Regulations on all the states. Buildings must be energy efficient throughout, from the foundation to roof to include the essential systems and components that supports said structures. My name was added to the roster of Federal Roosters. You can reach me by doing a search on the web at: inspectors – gov.hud.entp – HUD.gov ; just simply click, type, or copy my name and location or by ID number (L195). For more information, go and click on the letter at the right and bottom of this paragraph.

Due to my extensive knowledge and experience I was later evaluated and approved as 203(k) Consultant for the State of Texas on June 23, 2015. Consultants not only make the regular construction inspections, they prepare all the documents i.e. drawings, contract, bill of materials (BOM) and select the specifications for a project according to regulations and candidate physical limitations. They also approve the progress payments for the contractor. I can be reach by search on the web at: 203kConsultants – gov.hud.entp – HUD.gov .

Due to my military service and respect for those that served, I apply to the Veteran Affairs upon return to my position as A Compliance Inspector and my return from a third deployment to the middle east. I was notified of my selection and was assigned the territories (counties) of Collin, Dallas, Denton, Rockwall, and Tarrant under the Specially Adapted Housing (SAH) program. The program provides Grants to 100% handicap service members and others who become disable after their separation from service.