ICC Certifications

ICC skill knowledge certifications

Certification #5178541 – Expires: January 23,2019

  • Certified Building Code Official
  • Certified Plumbing Code Official
  • Building Inspector
  • Certified Housing Code Official
  • Mechanical Inspector
  • Mechanical Plans Examiner
  • Electrical Inspector
  • Residential Electrical Inspector
  • Commercial Combination Inspector
  • Certified Building Official
  • Commercial Electrical Inspector
  • Building Plans Examiner
  • Certified Mechanical Code Official
  • Combination Inspector
  • ICC/AACE Property Maintenance & Housing Inspector
  • Plumbing Plans Examiner
  • Plumbing Inspector


The journey began on the late 80’s and still continues; on those days the organization was known as the Southern Code of Congress International (IBCCI). Members from the several other building organizations collaborated together to create the International Code Council which today is known as the ICC. During early days efficiency was lacking but time changed and cost raised, everyone was force to focus on ‘Green’ and the need for energy efficiency. Today’s issues are doing more with less but the cost of services continue on the increase. Today I run my own business, AA Inspections & Associates; a small operation but the future looks bright.